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General Information

Job Title: Program Specialist
School System: West Georgia RESA
Subject: Other
Grade Level: Leadership
Closing date: 08/15/2018
Start date: 9/1/2018

Job Description

Job Title: Regional Wrap-Around Implementation Coach
Reports to: RESA Director
FLSA Status: Exempt ? Professional

Job Summary: Provide academic support, college and career support, discipline support, community services coordination, and counseling resources coordination.

Essential Duties:
Demonstrate support, encouragement, trust, respect, and tolerance toward all co-workers in the performance of duties, in the delivery of services and in the prioritization of tasks and workloads.
Demonstrate prompt and regular attendance.
Interact in a professional manner with all persons involved in West Georgia RESA activities/services.
Maintain confidentiality of records, reports.
Work cooperatively with client system personnel and colleagues.
Model correct use of language, oral and written.
Model and collaboratively promote high expectations, mutual respect, concern, and empathy for students, staff, parents, and community.
Maintain a collaborative environment.
Demonstrate and communicate a working knowledge and understanding of Georgia public education rules, regulations, and laws, and school district policies and procedures.
Establish and use accepted procedures to efficiently allocate resources inclusive of effective budgeting.
Manage the supervision of assigned staff in accordance with local, state, and federal requirements.
Maintain confidentiality and a positive and forthright manner.
Work in a collegial and collaborative manner with other leaders, school personnel, and other stakeholders to promote and support the vision, mission, and goals of the school district, RESA, and Georgia Department of Education.
Remain current on research related to educational issues, trends, and practices.
Collaborate and network with colleagues and stakeholders to effectively leverage and utilize the resources and expertise available within the school community and in the local community.
Disseminate information to Georgia RESA Directors, school district staff, parents, students, and other stakeholders in a timely manner through multiple channels and sources.
Work with identified districts and schools to create a leadership team to support, implement, and coordinate wraparound services.
Identify spaces to house wraparound services.
Set common expectations and outcomes for centers and monitor regional implementation.
Create procedures for school induction and parent approval of services.
Mediate issues between school administration and student center staff.
Facilitate induction program for all new students and families.
Perform other duties as assigned by West Georgia RESA Director.

Additional Responsibilities:
A. Internal Operations
1. Record weekly activities and complete expense statements
2. Attend and participate in staff meetings
3. Participate in professional development
4. Perform other duties in internal operations as assigned
B. Comply with agency and state administrative regulations, and West Georgia RESA Board of Control policies
1. Conduct assigned duties in a timely manner
2. Maintain accurate, complete and appropriate records and file reports promptly
3. Attend and participate in meetings and activities according to West Georgia RESA Board of Control policy
4. Comply with conditions as stated in contract

Qualifications, skills, and abilities:
1. Collaborate and lead decision-making and inspire and motivate collective action
2. Collect and analyze data to drive program decisions
3. Evaluate, plan and execute strategies for removing barriers to graduation
4. Design and implement plans
5. Apply and maintain knowledge of secondary graduation requirements
6. Assist in data collection at assigned schools
7. Develop, revise, and implement professional development
8. Establish and maintain effective working and community partnerships
9. Possess knowledge of effective strategies that lead to increased graduation rates and college/career preparedness for students
10. Highly impactful communication skills ? both verbal and written
11. Ability to lift up to 30 pounds
12. Such alternatives to the above as the West Georgia RESA Board may find appropriate and acceptable

Education and Experience:
1. Master?s Degree in Education, Public Administration, Counseling, Social Work, Leadership, or closely related field preferred
2. Bachelor?s Degree with significant experience in Education, Public Administration, Counseling, Social Work, Leadership, or closely related field
3. Minimum of three years of successful experience in education, non-profit organization, government agency, social services, leadership or a community organization preferred

Terms of Employment: 12 months, Part Time (49%)

Beginning Date: September 1, 2018

Application Deadline: August 15, 2018

Submit letter of intent, resume which includes a list of references with complete contact information, and a copy of Georgia certificate to:

Rachel Spates (Executive Director)
99 Brown School Drive, Grantville, GA 30220

Contact Information

Name: Rachel Spates
Phone: 770-583-2528
Fax: 770-583-3223